Baby Gabriella's First Ever Photoshoot

We have had a wonderful time lately photographing so many adorable newborns. Here's a little extra sneak peek for Mum and Dad of Gabriella's session before the viewing session in a few days time! 

She was wonderful through the entire session and myself and Hayley absolutely can't wait to show Keri and her family the gallery of over 30 finished images of Gabriella! It's always such a lovely honour to be asked to capture these first few days and newborn sessions are genuinely our favourite type of studio session to have in.

From her tiny toes and little fingers to her cute little baby rolls, and even some lovely family images at the end of the session. We captured every little detail for mum and dad to look back at as she grows bigger every day.

Can't wait to her back in the studio again soon and hope all the family love their little extra sneak peek. If you are excepting or know someone who is, please let them know about our award winning sessions or maybe even get them a lovely gift voucher anytime from their 12 week scan.

Our favourites from 2016!

2016 has been incredible, we owe a thank you to so many people. It has been our busiest year to date and has given us so many opportunities! We thought it would only be fitting to round up the year with a look over some of our favourite images from 2016.

We had lots of requests for images that we had never tried before. Above is a perfect example of this The family had a very clear idea of the image they wanted, and we only had everyone in the same country for one more day to pull off the perfect image! (no pressure..). I loved every minute of the shoot, and love the final results even more.


Ok, we all know I'm a geek at heart, but that's not the only reason that this image set made it on the list! Earlier this year we were lucky enough to work with TayFM and Cash For Kids when we put together our superhero mini sessions day. Free mini shoots for everyone with a suggested donation going to charity. We also decided that every print order should 100% go to charity too, and with this in mind, we covered the production cost of every order so that the full amount paid by every person went straight to the charity. From one day of shoots we managed to make over £500 for Cash For Kids and we know what a difference this will have made to kids in the local area.

We also got to meet lots of mini heroes, play with superhero costume and have a great excuse for stickers and silly games!! Ahem... I mean, we work super hard at the studio... honest!

Everyone knows we love having newborns in the studio. It is by far my favourite session to do and I would happily be a newborn-only photographer for the rest of my life. This year we have been working heavily on our newborn sessions with countless workshops. During the shoots I have also been aiming to bring parent and baby images into the mix more, with a special soft spot for dad and baby images!

I would gladly build a second home just so I had enough space lots of dogs, I'm not even kidding! But when Harley was booked in for some pet portrait shots I think I fell in love that little bit extra. Cuteness just dosn't cover it!

While most sessions are studio based it was lovely to get out and about this summer and have sum fun on location. The image above is from one of my favourite location sessions of the year, full of family races, sandcastle building, playing in the sand, the water and we even got the family dog involved too! After a spring in the studio it as a fantastic session to remind me of the fun of outdoor shoots. 

It has been a year of super fun mini sessions and having plenty opportunities to let kids imaginations flourish in the studio. I loved how much all the kids enjoyed this years mini sessions and can't wait to build on this even further next year.

Over the year we have been investing a lot in handmade and bespoke props for the studio, the image above is one of my favourites as it was the first session we used our handmade moon prop which fitted perfectly with the starry night sky backdrop. 

As the year drew to a close we worked with multiple nurseries for their yearly and christmas photos. Rather than charge a fee to each playgroup and nusery we photographed all of them with no fee, and instead donated over £250 back to the Playgroups and Nurseries that we worked with. It was lovely hearing how each nursery used the funds, with one using it to buy every child at the nursery a christmas gift. 

This image sums up the connection between baby and dad that I have been very keen to capture this year. As a dad and newborn photographer I always see lots of lovely mum and baby images but I absolutely love getting dad involved and capturing a bond that isn't documented as often in newborn portraiture.

My last favourite image of the year is special because it captures some very rare time off. As a business owner I pour every day I can into my work, but I always try to take time out for my little girl as often as possible. Its always a tough balance to strike but looking back at images like this from days off remind me to work hard and enjoy the moments of rest in between.

Your Journey

A family photoshoot is an exciting time and we want to help you make the most of your experience with us.

1) Getting Ready

Once you have booked in for a shoot and have your session day and time set, please be sure to have a read over our 'What To Wear Guide' to help you plan for your session. It walks you through lots of tips to help you pick out the best outfits for your session. If anyone is having a hair cut around the time of the session, aim for a week before the session to give it time to grow in and look more natural. Also if anyone has any allergies or medical conditions we should be aware of please let us know in advance and we can try to accommodate as best as possible.

2) What To Bring

Props, Themes and Toys for kids can make a session much more fun and personal.  Please feel free to bring anything along with you on the day, just be sure to let us know in advance so I can start planning out all the amazing shots we can put together. If you have a fun hobby or a job that you would like to theme a few shots too, let us know and we can include it during your session. If you would like to, you can also bring along a 2nd outfit.

3) Before Your Session Starts

Family sessions in the studio are a lot of fun and a great way to capture some amazing memories. Before we begin with your shoot we will take a few minutes out to sit down and have a quick last chat over your session and some last minute info, this only takes a few minutes at most though! We then have up to an hour to go through different poses, lighting setups, outfits, individual and group shots.

4) At The End Of Your Session

After we have finished the session you will be booked in for a viewing session for around 2 weeks later. We spend the time between your session and viewing individually editing and retouching each image to make sure they all are finished to the highest standard. 

5) Viewing, Ordering and Beyond

During your viewing session you get to see all the finished images from your session. We will have a short chat over the images along with the prints and wall art that we can offer. At the end of your viewing session we will give you the link and password for your online gallery so that you can look over your images for up to 14 days giving you lots of time to decide on your order. Orders can be placed in studio, by e-mail, or directly through the client gallery. Orders usually take around 1 to 2 weeks but can be couriered from the lab to make things quicker. They are then hand gift wrapped with lots of care and are ready to be collected from the studio.

Once your artwork is sitting proudly on your wall, please do have a think over how much you enjoyed your experience with us. Our clients have an amazing time with us and most book again year after year. We pride ourselves on establishing long term clients and in the past few years have had families back in for their 4th, 5th and even 6th session.

We also survive largely on word of mouth, if you had a great time and want to share it please feel free to give us a review on Facebook or Google! 

New Look High Res USB!

It's been an exciting time for the studio recently. We've made so many upgrades this last month that it's hard to keep track. From the website, to our bright new viewing room, it's all changing! 

Today we got our first delivery of new High res USB's and I couldn't be happier, so I just had to let you have a little peek! Can't wait to show off all the other changes we have in store over the next few weeks also!

The engraved USB comes complete with its own matching engraved box ready to be loaded with all your lovely images form your session!