What To Wear Guide

Your outfit can make or break your family session, so why leave it to chance. In just 6 steps we'll show you how to create the perfect outfit set for your family session.

1) Co-ordinate But Don't Match

Try to start out with a basic colour palette of around 3 colours for the whole family. Avoid stripes, loud patterns and overstated florals. Instead, aim for solid colours that stay within your chosen palette. You could try starting with one outfit or clothing piece as a main focus (say a little girls pretty dress) and build everything else around that with a similar colour palette and tones. Try to split up the colours between family members rather than having everyone wearing the same main colour.

2) Timeless, Not Trends

Whether its Batman, Cinderella, Nike or One Direction. . .  logo’s and brands aren’t just a distraction from the faces but might be out of style before you know it. You want timeless portraits that can proudly hang on the wall for years with the attention on faces not on clothing. If your ever struggling, denim jeans and nice tops can always work well.

3) Layers, Textures and Accessories

Layers and accessories work well in photographs. They give more detail to images and make them more interesting. Try adding little details to your planned outfit to help finish the look. Maybe you even have accessories that will also fit your chosen colour palette! Let the seasons be inspiration to you also. 

4) Remember Your Backdrop

It’s not just about the outfit you pick, but how it will work with the backdrop of your photographs. If you are outside will your outfits work well against the location you have chosen? If you are in studio. . .  Is the t-shirt you have picked out going to be lost against the backdrop?

5) Plan Ahead

Start thinking about your session weeks in advance, not a day or two. You are always welcome to e-mail us with your idea's for your session in advance, we love tailoring our sessions individually to each family. Planning out your outfits can be fun and makes a great excuse for a lovely new outfit. Start thinking about themes, fun session idea's and get excited. You could even make a day of it and plan some fun activities or a family meal out for after your session.

6) Let Your Personalities Shine

This is the most important part of it all. The aim is to capture stunning photograph's of people, so let their personalities shine through too! Forcing children to wear outfits that are uncomfortable and unfamiliar to them may make them more stressed and less relaxed during sessions. Same goes for adults. 

For a little bit of extra inspiration, here's an example set that would be perfect this Autumn! A lovely colour palette of reds and neutrals, tied together with denim will make for stunning timeless portraits.