Dog Whispering!

It's been such a fun day in the studio today with pet sessions all afternoon! I always love showing the finished pictures but today I thought I'd do something a bit different and give you all a little look into some of the work that goes on after the session. 

The first session of the day had 4 boisterous dogs, all different sizes, ages and colours and all full of beans! While it has it's challenges, I love sessions like this because it lets me use a technique that I always love. Composite Editing. 

For part of the session, we shot each dog separately so that we could composite the shots one by one together during editing. Here's a little look at how our first image was made, step by step. We started with the base image of the Yorkies, and added the others in one at a time. Afterwards, the backdrop was extended out, red lead removed and a few final adjustments.

Composite Photography is always tricky, but with good preparation and some extra time spent in editing it can open up options that weren't available before. 

I can't wait to show you some more shots from this session later in the week!