Newborn FAQ

Many people have questions about our award winning newborn sessions. We will try to answer as many as we can here, but if we don't please do get in touch.


What Is A Newborn Session?

A Newborn Session is our specialist in studio photography session, designed to capture stunning modern portraiture of your new baby.Newborns change fast so we always aim for between 4 and 10 days old. We always go at babies pace, allowing time for feeds and changes when needed. A newborn photography session should only be carried out by a trained photographer.

Why is the session 3 hours long?

Unlike a more traditional studio photo session that might take an hour, we do things very differently. Baby runs the show, and everything is done at her pace. We take time to settle, feed, change, settle and soothe. Then when we start the posing its all done slowly and gently and without rushing baby.


When Should I Book?

Its best to book as soon as you can after your 12 week scan. This ensures your slot when baby arrives. If you leave it until baby arrives we may not have space to fit another session in. We use your due date to book you in, and schedule your exact session day and time in when baby arrives, no matter if baby is early or late. We only book a set number of due dates each month and keep an set number of days free every week so that we always have space. You can book by sending an e-mail to

My baby has already arrived, is it too late to book in?

That depends on how old baby is when you contact us, and if we have any available last minute slots. We will always try to fit you in but we are a very busy studio, so please do get in touch as early as possible.


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